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Introduction to this site

There are many reference books on pop songs showing performers, chart positions, band members and many other things, but they nearly always omit songwriter information. A notable book like this is the famous Guinness Book entitled British Hit Singles. Similarly Internet resources often omit songwriter information.

This site will attempt to redress this shortcoming, partly by actually providing the information, but also to show where songwriter information might be found and, as an ongoing task, to gradually add links to reliable sources of information.


Great Songwriters

A selection of great or notable songwriters.


Great Songs

A selection of great songs. Most include songwriter information. This page also has a small selection of Midi files with links for many more.

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Interesting Cover Versions

Some cover versions are a poor imiation of the original and you wonder why they have bothered. However there are some cases when a cover version is an improvement over the original.

This page concentrates on interesting and unusual cover versions, especially when the new version is radically changed even so far as to belong to an entirely different genre, For example who would expect that Cliff Richard would perform a Rolling Stones song, or Boney M perform a Yardbirds song?

Also of interest are those cases when the new performer is already an accomplished songwriter but chooses to perform the work of another. A great tribute!



This site will not give full lyrics to songs because we wish to observe copyrights. Lyrics web sites can be a rare source of information on who wrote a song and this page contains links to carefully selected lyrics sites who credit the songwriters.



A selection of great singers who are good interpreters on the songs of others, but who are not songwriters.


Music Copyright

A discussion of copyright issues which affect songwriters and musicians.


Songwriting Links


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