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One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes by M. Raven.

Printed sheet music book

Note that this list is from the first edition. The second edition may differ.

Main Index

A Bumper at Parting
Adson's Saraband
A-Hunting We Will Go
A Jigg Ashling
A La Mode de France
Alderman's Hat, The
All in a Garden Green
All Things Bright and Beautiful
All Those Endearing Young Charms
Alman anon
American Dwarf
Andy Carey
Aniseed-water Robin
Apley House
Ap Shenkin
As I Went to Walsingham
A Starry Night for a Ramble
Astley's Ride
A Trip to Highgate
A Trip to Paris
A Trip to the Cottage
A Trip to the Jubilee
Back of the Grampians
Banks of the Dee, The
Barbary Bell
Barley Meal
Barley Mow, The
Barnacle Waltz
Barn Door
Barney Brallaghan
Barngann Gill, The
Barrack Hill
Barrington Hornpipe
Bashful Swain, The
Bath Waltz
Beatrice Hills' Three Handed Reel
Because He Was a Bonny Lad
Beginning of the World, The
Bellingham Boat
Betty Black
Beverley Races
Biddy the Bowl Wife
Big Ship, The
Billy in the Lowlands
Binny's Jig
Bishop of Chester's Jig
Blackbird, The
Black Friar's Reel, The
Black Jack
Black Mountain, The
Black Nag, The
Blackthorn Stick
Blanchard Races
Bluebell Polka
Boatie Rows, The
Boatman, The
Bobbing Around
Bobby Shaftoe
Bombay Drums, The
Boney Crossing the Alps
Bonnets So Blue
Bonny Ann
Bonny Breast Knots, The
Bonny Kate
Bonny Lad
Bonny Laddie
Bonny Lass
Bonny Pit Laddie, The
Bonny Tyneside
Boore's Daunce
Boring with the Gimblet
Bottom of the Punchbowl, The
Brass Nuts
Brave Lads of Jedburgh, The
Breakdown, The
Bridge at Lodi, The
Brisk Young Lad, The
Bristol Hornpipe, The
British Grenadiers
Broken Dagger, The
Broken Panel, The
Buffalo Girls
Buff and the Blue, The
Bugle Quickstep
Bunch of Rushes, The
Buttered Peas
Buy Broom Buzzems
Calder Fair
Cane Break, The
Canny Newcastle
Captain Bellow's Dance
Captain Car
Captain Rock's Farewell
Captain Ross
Captain Ward
Captain White
Carman's Whistle, The
Castles in the Air
Catch Me if You Can
Cavalilly Man
Charlotte Hill
Chartley March, The
Cheer Up Sam
Chelsea Reach
Cheshire Rounds
Cheshire's March
Child Grove
Chips and Shavens
Cinderella Waltz
Circassian Circle
Clare's Dragoons
Clean Pea Straw
Cliff Hornpipe
Clog Hornpipe, The
Coat So Red, The
Cobbler, The
Cobbler's Hornpipe, The
Cock o' the North
College Hornpipe
Collin's Reel
Come Dance and Sing
Come Lasses and Lads
Come Over the Stream to Charlie
Comical Fellow, The
Contra Dance One
Contra Dance Two
Contrefatto, The
Copenhagen Waltz
Cornish Floral Dance
Cornish Quickstep
Corn Rigs
Cottey House
Cotillon des Marionettes
Courting Them All
Creme de Minthy
Cremona Fiddle, The
Crooked Bawbee, The
Crystal Spring
Cuckold Come Out of the Amrey
Cuckolds All in a Row
Cuckoo's Nest, The (new)
Cuckoo's Nest, The (old)
Cumberland Long Eight, The
Cumberland Reel
Cupid's Waltz
Curly Headed Ploughboy, The
Cushion Dance (new)
Cushion Dance (old)
Dance After My Pipe
Dance of Death
Darcie's Minuet
Dark Girl Dressed in Blue, The
Davy Davy Knick-Knack
Dear Tobacco
December Day Dance
Derwent Water's Farewell
Devil Among the Taylors, The
Devil's Dream, The (new)
Devil's Dream, The (old)
Devonshire Waltz, The
Dick's Maggot
Dorsetshire Horpipe, The
Double the Cape
Dove's Figary
Draper's Maggot
Dressed Ship, The
Drink Your Tea Love
Drops of Brandy
Drops of Drink
Drowsy Maggie
Drumley's Ride
Drummer, The
Drums of Jahore, The
Drunken Drummer
Drunken Piper
Drunken Sailor, The
Duchess' Slippers, The
Duke of York, The
Duncan Gray
Durang's Hornpipe
Durham's Rangers
Dusky Night, The
Dusty Miller
Elfen Waltz, The
Elk's Festival, The
Elsie Marley
English Echo, The
Entry, The
Epping Forest
Ever Happy
Exhibition of 1862, The
Fair, The
Fair Maid of the Inn
Fair Maid of Wickham
Fairy Dance, The
Falconer's Hunting, The
Fall of Cadiz, The
False Love
Fandango, The
Farewell One
Farewell to Whisky
Farewell Two
Far From Home
Farinel's Ground
Favourite Quickstep
Fay's Hornpipe
Felton Lonnin
Fete Champetre
Fine Companion
First of April, The
First of May, The
Fisher Laddie
Fisherman's Ball, The
Fisher's Frolic
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fits Upon Me Now
Flax in Bloom
Flight, The
Flying Coach, The
Follow Your Lover
Fox and the Grapes, The
Fred Pigeon's Polka
French Mazurka
Friar and the Nun, The
Friar in the Well, The
Friendly Visit, The
From the New Country
Frost is All Over, The
Gabriel from Heven-King
Gathering Peascods
Gaunt Man, The
General Hill's March
General Roberts' Farewell
General Toast, The
George Green's College Hornpipe
George Tremaine's Quickstep
Gipsy's Horpipe, The
Girl with the Blue Dress On, The
Glise de Sherbrooke
Gloucester Hornpipe
Gobby-O, The
Golden Farmer, The
Goodnight and Joy be with You
Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
Grand Old Duke of York, The
Greek Street
Greengate Polka
Green Grow the Rushes O
Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace
Greenwich Park
Greenwood Tree, The
Grey Eagle
Grinders, The
Handsome Couple, The
Hanged Man, The
Hang Sorrow
Hanoverian Dance
Happy Farmer, The
Happy Soldier, The
Hare's Maggot, The
Harry Cox's Schottisch
Harvest Home
Haste to the Wedding
Heel and Toe Polka
Heres to the Maiden
Hexham Races
Hey Boys Up We Go
High Dance, The
Highland Laddie
Hillside, The
Hole in the Wall, The
Holey Ha'penny
Holmes' Fancy
Honeymoon, The
Hoop de Dooden Do
Howlet and the Weazel
Huligan Jig
Hullichan Jig
Hundred Pipers, The
Hungarian Hat, The
Hungry Army, The
Hunsdon House
Hunt the Squirrel
Hunter in His Career, The
Hunting the Hare
Hurrah for the Bonnets of Blue
I Have a Wife of My Own
I Saw My Love Come Pass By Me
If All the World Were Paper
If the Heart of a Man
I'll Go No More to Yonder Town
I'm Over Young to Marry Yet
India War, The
Indian Queen
Irish Lady
Irish Merry Making
Irish Washerwoman, The
Jack a Lent
Jack Pudding
Jackie's Friends are Never Pleased
Jack's Alive (jig)
Jack's Alive (reel)
Jack's Maggot
Jacky Tar
Jane's Waltz
Jenny Bell's Polka
Jenny Pluck Pears
Jenny's Gone to Linton
Jigg, no name
Jockey In the Hayloft
John Collin's Jig
John of Paris
John Peel
John Sanderson
Johnny Armstrong
Johnny's Gone to France
Jonathan Wild's Jig
Joy to Great Caesar
Just the Thing
Katie's Rambles
Kebbleworth Hall
Keel Row, The
Kemo Kimo
Kemps Jig
Kenmore Lads
Keppel's Delight
Kettle Drum
King of Poland
King of the Cannibal Islands
King of the Fairies
King William of Orange
King's Head
Kiss me Quick and Go
Kiss the Lass
Kitty O'Lynn
Ladies' Pleasure
Ladies' Triumph, The
Lads of Alnwick
Lads of North Tyne, The
Lady Cullen's Delight
Lady Hammond's Alman (Downland)
Lady in the Boat, The
Lady Mary Douglas
Lady of the Lake, The
La Garcon Volage Quadrille
La Russe
La Volta
Lamb Skillet
Lamshaw's Fancy
Lancashire Hornpipe
Lannigan's Ball
Larry Bourn
Lass of Richmond Hill
Lass in the Strand, The
Lassie's Fancy, The
Leasowe's Luck
Legacy, The
Lep Up
Liddell's Hornpipe
Lilly White, The
Lincolnshire Poacher
Linnen Hall
Little and Big Ship, The
Little Birds of the Mountain Jig
Little House, The
Little Polly Polka
Liverpool Horpipe, The
London Bridge
London's Glory
Long Long Ago
Lord How's Jig
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig
Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home
Lord Zouche's Masque
Loudon's Bonny Woods
Love, Port and Sherry
Lovely Nancy
Lovely Susan
Loyal Health, The
Ludlow Recruit, The
Lulu's Polka
Lusty Gallant
Lutener's Lane 1
Lutener's Lane 2
Lutener's Lane 3
McKinnon's Jig
McKinnon's Lament
Mage on a Cree
Maggie Brown
Maid of Glenconnel
Maid on the Green, The
Maid on the Shore, The
Maid Peeped out at the Window, The
Maid's Morris
Mall Sims
Manchester Hornpipe, The
March Boys March
March Hare
Marion's Ramble
Marquis of Lorne, The
Mary the Maid
Mason's Apron, The
May Day
Mayflower, The
Maypole, The
Melancholy Martin
Merry Bagpipes, The
Merry Blacksmith, The
Merry Mason, The
Merry Merry Milkmaids, The
Merry Month of May, The
Michael Wiggins
Mile, The
Milesian, The
Milkmaid's Bob, The
Miller of Dee, The
Miller of Dron, The
Minstrel's Fancy, The
Miss Dolland's Delight
Miss Forbes' Farewell
Miss McLeod's Reel
Miss Murray's Reel
Miss Thompson's Hornpipe
Miss Ward's Reel
Mock Hobby Horse
Moll o' the Wood
Monday Morning
Money in Both Pockets
Money Musk
Month of May
More the Merrier, The
Morgiana in Ireland
Morning Brush
Morning Star, The
Morpeth Rant, The
Morrison's Maggot
Mountain Hare, The
Mountain Hornpipe, The
Mr. Bass His Career
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot
Mr. Cosgill's Delight
Mr. Lane's Maggot
Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre
Mulberry Bush, The
Muses, The
Mutual Love
My Deary Sits Ower Late Up
My Home Waltz
My Lady Cullen's Delight
My Last Farewell to Stirling
My Lodging's in the Cold Cold Ground
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet
My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing
Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose
Nancy Dill
Nancy's Fancy
Napoleon Crossing the Alps
Navvie on the Line
New Bouree, The
New Century, The
New New Exchange
New Rigged Ship, The
Newbridge Street
Newcastle Station
Night Watch, The
Ninepins (Cat in the Village)
Ninepins (Oats, Peas, Beans)
Ninety Five
Nobody's Jig
No Place Like Home
Northern Nancy
North Moors Hornpipe
Nottingham Swing
Nunwick Mill
Oats, Peas, Beans
Off She Goes
Off to California
Oh I Hae Seen the Roses Blaw
Oh Say Bonnie Lass
Old Johnnie Walker
Old Mole
Old Noll's Jig
Old Rosin the Beau
Old St. Just Cock Dance, The
Old Sir Simon the King
Old Wife Behind the Haystack, The
Old Wife on the Hay Mow
On a May Day Morning Early
One Morn in June
Orange and Blue
Oranges and Lemons
Ormond House
Over the Hills to Glory
Over the Moor
Over the Stone
Oyster Girl, The
Packington's Pond
Paddy on the Turnpike
Paddy Whack
Paddy Whack (Northern)
Parson's Farewell
Parting Lovers, The
Peacemakers' Hornpipe, The
Peacock's Fancy
Peacock's March
Pease Upon a Trencher
Peggy's Wedding
Perfect Cure
Persian Hunt, The
Pet of the Pipers
Petticoat String
Phoenix, The
Pickle Tow, The
Piper's Fancy
Pirate's Waltz, The
Ploughboy, The
Plymouth Lasses
Polka One
Polly Put the Kettle On
Pop Goes the Weasel
Portland Fancy
Pretty Nun
Pullet, The
Quaker's Wife, The
Quayside, The
Queen Hornpipe, The
Queen of Sluts
Queen's Jig, The
Quodling's Delight
Rachel Rae
Radstock Jig, The
Rakes of Mallow
Rakes of Marlow
Ramelli's Rout
Randy Wives of Greenlaw, The
Ratcatcher's Daughter, The
Recovery, The
Red Fox, The
Red Stocking, The
Rickett's Hornpipe
Rifleman, The
Ride a Jig
Rigged Ship, The
Roaring Jelly
Robin Hood's Dance
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Rogue's Wedding
Rolling Down the Hill
Rose Tree, The
Rowan and the Rose, The
Rowling Eye, The
Roxburgh Castle
Royal Exchange
Ruby Hornpipe
Rufty Tufty
Rustic Reel
Ryth Wyth
Saddle the Pony
Saddler's Wells
Sage Leaf
Saint Mary's Polka
Saint Patrick's Day
Salmon Tails
Sand Dance, The
Scotch Cap
Scotch Mary
Seige of Delhi
Self, The
Sellenger's Round
Shaking of the Sheet
Sheffield Hornpipe, The
Shepherd's Wife, The
Shepherds Waltz Alone
Sherbrooke Glise, The
Sherwood Rangers
Shrewsbury Jig
Shrewsbury Lasses
Shropshire Rounds
Sick Tune, The
Silver Lake (from Varsoviana)
Silver Pin, The
Silver Street Lasses
Simon the King
Sing a Song of Sixpence
Sir Charles' Rant
Sir John Fenwick's Flower Among Them All
Sir Roger de Coverley
Sir Sidney Smith's March
Sleeping Moggy
Small Coals
Smash the Windows
So Early in the Morning
Softly Robin
Soldier's Joy
Some Say the Devil's Dead
Son ar Chistr
South Downs Quickstep
Spaniard, The
Spanish Gypsy, The
Speed the Plough
Squire of Bensham
Staines Morris
Staten Island
Steamboat Hornpipe, The
Steamboat Waltz, The
Stockton Hornpipe, The
Stow Polka, The
Stow Quickstep
Straw Hat, The
Tally Ho!
Tasman's Hunt
Tempest, The
Tempest, The
Temple Barr
Tenpenny Bit, The
They May Rail at his Life
Three Meet
Three Sea Captains, The
Tight Little Island
Timour the Tartar
Tinware Lass, The
Tippity Wichet
Tipsy Sailor
Tis My Delight on a Shiny Night
To the Ladies
Tobago Bound
Torry Burn Lasses
Touch and Take
Touchstone, The
Trent Waters
Trip to the Cottage, The
Triumph, The
Turkey in the Straw
Twenty-ninth of May, The
Twin Sisters
Under the Greenwood Tree
Up the Town
Varsoviana (Silver Lake)
Voulez Vous Danser
Ward's Brae
Washing Day, The
Waters of Tyne, The
Way to Norwich, The
We Will Down With the French
We Won't Go Home Till Morning
Weaver's Complaint, The
Wedding, The
Wee Willie Winkle
Welch Rabbit, The
Wenlock Edge
We're a Nodding
West End, The
Weymouth Quickstep
When Daylight Shines
Where's the Piper
Whisky Hornpipe, The
Whistle Over
White Cockade, The
White Rose, The
Whittingham Green Lane
Wig, The
Wild Hills of Wannie's
Wild Morris, The
Willenhall Clog Dance
William Kimber's Schottische
Willie is a Bonnie Lad
Wilson's Ride
Winster Gallop
Within a Mile
Wittle Dean
Wonder Hornpipe, The
Yankee Doodle
Yarmouth Lasses
Yarmouth Reel, The
Ye Social Powers
Yorkshire Lasses
Young Jane
Young May Moon, The
Zeak Waltz

The English Dancing Master by Playford

Note that this section is a facsimile and these tunes are difficult to read.

Upon a Summer's Day
Garland, The
Gipsie's Round
Blue Cap
Nightpiece, The
Dance of Death
Shaking of the Sheets
Beggar Boy
Parson's Farewell
Bobbing Joe
New Exchange, The
Durham Stable
Wish, The
Oil of Barley
Cold and Raw
Whirligig, The
Picking of Sticks
Old Mole, The
Huntsman, The
Saraband, The
Hit and Miss
Court Lady
Mage on a Cree
A Health to Betty
Millison's Jig
Spanish Gypsy, The
Come Follow
Lady Spellor
Kemp's Jig
Chirping of the Lark, The
Kemp's Morris
If All the World Were Paper
Adson's Saraband (old)
A la Mode de la France
Shepherdess, The
Merry Merry Milkmaids, The
Fine Companion, The
Cast a Bell
Spaniard, The
Rose is White and Rose is Red
Have at thy Coat Old Woman
Drive the Cold Winter Away
Gun, The
Pepper's Black
Maid Peeped Out at the Window, The
Friar in the Well, The
Halfe Hannikin
Lord of Carnarvon's Jig
Irish Trot
Fain I Would
King's Complaint
Once I Loved a Maiden Fair
Irish Lady, The
Anniseed Water Robin
A la Mode de France (2nd version)
Nonsuch (2nd version)
My Lady Cullen
Bath, The
Quodling's Delight
Jog On
Heart's Ease
Health, The
Merry Wassail
Merry Frolic
Jack Pudding
Prince Rupert's March
Dissembling Love
London Gentlewoman, The
Hemp Dresser, The
Sun Has Loosed His Weary Teams, The
Winchester Christening
Maiden Lane
Jack a Lent
Chirping of the Nightingale
Soldier's Life
Saint Martin's
Cuckolds all in a Row
Petticoat Wag
Paul's Steeple
I am the Duke of Norfolk
Rufty Tufty
All in a Garden Green
Shropshire Wakes
Punk's Delight, The
New Way, The
Aye Me
Symphony, The
Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom
O the Broom
Milkmaid's Bob, The
An Old Man is a Bed Full of Bones
Cock Lorrel
Cheerily and Merrily
Mr. Webb's Fancy
Country Coll, The
Saturday Night and Sunday Morn
Dull Sir John
Hockley in the Hole
New Bo-Peep
Friar and the Nun, The
Wiltshire Wedding
London 'Prentice
All on a Misty Morning
Dove's Figary
Paul's Wharf
Staines Morris
Tom Tinker
Kettle Drum
Hyde Park
Lady Lie Near Me
Green Garter
Lull Me Beyond Thee
Northern Turtle
Glory of the West
Jenny Pluck Pears
Gathering Peascods
Alleyn's Jig
Johnson's Almaine
Up Tails All
New, New Nothing
Scotch Cap
Step Stately
Shepherds Holiday
Labour in Vain
Row Well Ye Mariners
Gray's Inn Maske
Mad Tom
Poor Tom
Slip, The

Morris, Sword Dance and Ceremonial Tunes

Bobby Shaftoe (Sleights)
Cobbler's Jig (Sleights)
Three Jolly Sheepskins (Sleights)
Boyne Water (Sleights)
No Man's Jig (Sleights)
Shepherd's Hey (Headington)
Country Courtship
Bean Setting
Constant Billy (Adderbury)
Bonny Green Garters
Bacca Pipes Jig
Bacca Pipes to Greensleeves
Old Mother Oxford
Country Gardens
Step Back
Banks of Allan
Helston Furry Dance
Morpeth Rant
Gooseberry Blossoms
Ribbon Dance
Butterfly, The
Broom the Bonny Bonny Broom
Blue-eyed Stranger
Three Jolly Sheepskins (Flamborough)
Staffordshire Hornpipe (Flamborough)
Lads a Bunchum (Adderbury)
The Girl I Left Behind Me (Kirkby Malzeard)
Tideswell Morris Processional
Glorishears (Bampton)
Blue-eyed Stranger (Sherbourne)
Beaux of London City (Adderbury)
Shooting (Adderbury)
Bean Setting (Brackley)
Over the Water to Charlie (Bledington)
Mrs. Casey (Fieldtown)
Highland Mary (Bledington)
Princess Royal (Sherbourne)
Princess Royal (Adderbury)
Highland Mary (Longborough)
Young Collins (Bledington)
Jockey to the Fair (Brackley)
Ladies Pleasure (Fieldtown)
Saturday Night
Orange in Bloom (Sherbourne)
Balance the Straw (Bledington)
How Do You Do (Sherbourne)
Trunkles (Sherbourne)
Trunkles (Bucknell)
Old Trunkles (Longborough)
Black Joker
Captain With His Whiskers (Brackley)
Singing of the Travels (Symondsbury Mummers)
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance (1857 tune)
North Skelton Sword Dance
Lass of Dallogill
Gisburn Processional
Derbyshire Morris Reel
Winster Morris Reel
Old Woman Tossed Up (Longborough)
Old Woman Tossed Up (Fieldtown)
Old Woman Tossed Up (Brackley)
Cuckoo's Nest (Longborough)
Cuckoo's Nest (Bledington)

Lichfield Morris Dances

Milley's Bequest (Dance)
Wild Rose
Casterling (Dance)
Bobby Shaftoe
Sheriff's Ride (Dance)
Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
Vandalls of Hammerwich (Dance)
Vandalls of Hammerwich
Lichfield Bower Processional (Dance)
Vandalls of Hammerwich
Ring O' Bells (Dance)
Farewell Manchester
All The Winds (Dance)
Pop Goes the Weazel
Shepherd's Hey
Nuts in May (Dance)
The Girl I Left Behind Me
Barefoot Quaker (Dance)
Black Joker