Sound and Music


Digital sound processing particularly for use on web sites.

stereo waveforms

The above diagram shows waveforms of stereo sound in our sound file editor.

Sound processing.

Conversion of sound for web use for example taking sound from C.D or analogue source such as tape and converting to digital form such as MP3 for web use.

Editing. Precise cutting and splicing of sounds. Removal of defects. The above waveform diagram represents only 1/10th of a second of sound in great detail and illustrates how precisely sounds can be edited.

Watch this space for examples to be added.

Digital sound recording.

High quality digital sound recording of live sources, typically music, for C.D production and for use on the web.


Midi file creation and editing.

Conversion of Midi files to high quality sound files, WAV, MP3, or onto a CD.
Typical application for backing tracks for musicians.