Most people can take their own photographs for their web sites, but if necessary we can take high quality digital photographs where there are special difficulties, for example in low light situations. We particularly specialize in photographing live music performances without the use of flash and so giving full justice to stage lighting effects.

Digital photograph editing.

All the necessary editing of photographs from either digital files or printed photographs to prepare for web use. Correction of defects, adjustments to brightness, contrast and colours, cropping, correction of tilt, changing size and optimization of file size for web use.

Low Light Photography.

The following sequence illustrates how a photograph was taken in very low light, and then enhanced.

The pictures are reduced in size to fit conveniently on the page.

The band is The Jellyrollers taken at the RMA Tavern, Portsmouth.

Original picture.

The original picture.

Intermediate stage.

An intermediate stage. The photo has been partially enhanced.

Final picture.

The final picture. The photo has been further enhanced to show a closer view of the band and the foreground has been darkened selectively. The end result shows the band to best advantage but retains a hint of the audience presence.

Alternative picture taken with flash.

An alternative picture taken with flash.

Photo Editing - another example.

Mayflower Morris taken at Swanage Folk Festival.

Original picture

Original picture unfortunately has a money-collector's bucket intruding at the left. This cannot be cropped without losing the two musicians.

Edited picture

Edited picture where the bucket has been removed and the road surface re-instated.


The following pictures show detail of the edited area. The original picture, the edited picture, and the edited area in greater detail.

Original picture, detail Edited picture, detail Close detail of the edited area

Stock Photographs.

We have thousands of unique 'stock' photos including professional folk musicans, landscapes, historic buildings and architecture.