Graphic design for use on web sites.

All graphics on this page were created by ourselves, Media Mania.

Original Artwork.

Painting box

This painting box symbolizes digital painting with a selection of the colours available.

Original Artwork. Example - an English rose.

English roses to be used as part of a logo or even smaller as an icon.

The original drawing was much larger.

See feature on how this rose was created:The Story of the Rose


Colour Charts.

Media Mania has created a collection of comprehensive colour charts to enable colours to be specified accurately for graphics and may be used by web site designers.

Illustration of various colour charts

These charts are available in full at:


Computer Art

Computer Art



Text based logos in a variety of colour schemes, textures, and a huge range of fonts. Special effects such as curved text etc. Combining text with other graphics or photographs.

Example - Ornamental Text.

Ornamental text is fundamental to good logo design and may be all that is required.

The following example illustrates 3D text with a shaped wood effect:

3D text

The following example illustrates:

  • An attractive and appropriate font.
  • Curved text.
  • Ornamental colouring.
Ornamental text


Graphical Display of Data.

This is useful for commercial, technical, or statistical data etc.
Various types of display can be done. Here is one example, a 3D pie chart.

Pie Chart

Note that diagrams like this can be produced with REAL DATA. (This one was).The diagram can include labels showing the actual values of the data as numbers or percentages.

The colours of all parts of this diagram can be chosen.


Animated Graphics.

Creation of animated graphics for web use. Particularly based on text. Editing of existing animated graphics.

The following example illustrates a gentle and subtle effect:

Animated 3D text

Animation from photo sequences and video.

This example also appears on the Video page of this site. It is created from video.

Roll the mouse over the image several times to see the effect.