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Nature and Wildlife

Natural grassland rich in wild flowers

There is something in Man's nature which drives him to want to control everything.

Countries in the civilised world are at least recognising that we are damaging habitats, and attempting to prevent it. For example the creation of nature reserves and special measures to protect individual species. The problem is that it is piecemeal. We are still trying to control everything, and we are failing to appreciate that nature is WILD, and must be wild. Attempting to control each aspect of wildlife habitats will almost certainly be limited by our lack of complete knowledge of the way everything interacts.


When habitats are isolated and do not join up with neighbouring habitats they become islands where species cannot migrate from one to another. Any temporary adversity in a region might wipe out a species and it will be unable to recover from neighbouring areas.

Man's Over-population

The pressure on habitats is particularly caused by the over-population of our species. We can see the destruction of the English countryside all the time because of the need for housing and roads, but even the intensive farming needed to sustain our large population with cheap food also causes the destruction of nature as it might otherwise be.

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