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A site by Stephen J. Farthing, Portsmouth, England.

This site contains a bit of information about myself, for anyone who knows me, and as a supplement to my other web sites.

The Name

The surname Farthing is an English name. My original view was that it originates from the allocation of land in plots of four quarters known as 'farthings' (a variant of fourthing and related to riding which means third). The term farthing is sometimes used in the names of small places such as Farthing Wood, and The Farthings. According to this theory The name would probably have been given to a tenant or occupant of such a plot.

Another interesting theory is that the name comes from a viking warrior or king named farthegn or similar variant, and meaning travelled thegn (=warrior). More here.

Farthing coin

Farthing was also the name of a small coin of value 1/4 of a penny. They continued to be minted until 1956 or so, the later ones having queen Elizabeth on one side. They were technically legal tender until about 1960 but I don't remember ever seeing them in use. Most people of a certain age will associate the surname Farthing with the coin, but there is no connection. The word means quarter and is related to another old word riding meaning third.

The Farthing name - a separate site which has an ancestral list from George Farthing, born c.1750, to my grandfather Stanley Farthing 1894-1985. The site includes some pictures.

Another with the same name as me: see www.SteveFarthing.com

Personal Profile

Interested in many aspects of science and technology, I have worked mainly as a software engineer in the electronics industry.

Also interested in philosophy and the apparent contradictions between science and religion. Although an atheist I do acknowledge that there are some truths to be found in the religions of the world.

I am concerned about over-population which on a world scale is the great underlying factor behind the environmental damage to the planet earth. Also more locally the over-population of the British Isles, especially England, is gradually destroying the countryside and made worse by the impact of traffic.

A lover of music with strong rhythm and instrumental content. Interested in technical aspects of music. Sound technology and recording. I enjoy playing musical instruments when I have time, and occasionally perform instrumental folk music at an amateur level.

Concise life history

Born in Bradford, Yorkshire in 'the fifties'. Brought up in a rural part of West Yorkshire and at school there I obtained good A-levels in Mathematics and Physics. I then went to the University of Bristol, obtained a degree in Maths and Computer Science, and continued to live in Bristol for 2 or 3 more years. I went back to Yorkshire for most of the seventies, and worked as an electronics engineer in the Hi-fi industry.

In 1982 I was dissatisfied with my life in the North and the poor job opportunities, and took a giant leap and moved to Southampton with no contacts or job there. Got a job in the defence industry in Portsmouth, working with automatic test equipment, and moved to Portsmouth where I have lived ever since. I continued working mostly as a software engineer in the electronics industry until recently.

About this site

This is my personal site and so says quite a lot about myself and things which interest me. I hope this does not seem narcissistic, it applies only to this site. I have other web sites which cover other topics with little or no reference to myself.

Pages on this site

World Issues - A small contents page for the Environment and Population pages.

Justice and Injustice - Justice in society and details of some major injustices.

Religion - My views on religion.

Copyright - Copyright law which is often misunderstood.

Language - Some ideas about our use of language, pronuciation and spelling.

Relatives - General comments about being related.

About Me

Memory - Some views on optimising memory usage, especially in work.

The poem "If" by Kipling - with comments.

Miscellaneous - Various ramblings and partly-formed ideas.

Photographs - Various photographs. May change occasionally.

Some links

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