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Morris Dancing

Pictures of morris sides

Dorset and the South West

Click the pictures to see a larger version, and in some cases more information and extra pictures.

These pictures are grouped approximately by region, starting with Dorset.

Boghoppers and Bushbeaters

Boghoppers and Bushbeaters. A ladies side from around the Bournemouth or Hampshire border area. Distinctive colours of mauve and red.
Picture taken at Swanage Festival, 2005

Video clip added in 2010.

Bourne River Morris from Bournemouth area.
Bourne River Morris web site

Bourne River Morris

Quayside Cloggies

Quayside Cloggies from Poole, Dorset.
Quayside Cloggies web site

Video clip added in 2010.

Hobos Morris from Poole, Dorset. Great music, informal and fun.
Hobos Morris web site

Video clip added in 2010.

Hobos Morris

Dorset Buttons

Dorset Buttons in one of their distinctive straight-line formations.
Picture taken at Wimborne Festival.

Video clip added in 2010.

Frome Valley Morris

Frome Valley Morris, from Dorchester area.
Pictured at Swanage 2004.

Sarum Morris

Sarum Morris, Cotswold style from Salisbury

England's Glory. From Gloucestershire.
England's Glory web site

England's Glory

Bideford Phoenix

Bideford Phoenix at Swanage Festival, 2004.
Bideford Phoenix web site

Winkleigh Morris from Devon at their local festival, Dartmoor, 2004, outside South Tawton Church on the Sunday morning.

Winkleigh Morris from Devon

Exmoor Border Morris

A large side from Exmoor, North Devon, who get to most festivals in the South.

video clip

Video clips available at

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