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Morris Dancing

Pictures of morris sides

Hampshire and the South East

Click the pictures to see a larger version, and in some cases more information and extra pictures.

These pictures are grouped approximately by region, starting with Hampshire.

Belles and Arrows

Belles and Arrows from around Portsmouth and Southsea.
A mixed side who dance in Cotswold and other styles.
They were formed from a merging of Southsea Belles and Arrowhead Morris.

Victory Morris Men.
Men's side with more beards than you can shake a stick at! Despite their distinctive kit they dance in traditional Cotswold style.
Picture taken at St. Mary's May Fair, Portsmouth, 2009.
Video clip added in 2010.

Victory Morris

Wickham Morris

Wickham Morris from Wickham Hampshire.
A mixed side who dance in both Cotswold and Border styles.

Red Stags Morris from Southampton
Picture taken at Romsey Beggars Fair, 2010.
Tiny video clip here and now
12 seconds. Only 2MB. Needs no broadband.
See the elusive red stag!

Red Stags Morris

Samhain Morris

Samhain Morris from Southampton.
Picture taken at Fareham and Gosport Easter festival 2009.

King John's Morris Men, from Southampton.
Picture taken at Romsey Beggars Fair, 2011.

King John's Morris Men

Southern Lights

Southern Lights ladies dance side from Southampton.
Picture taken at Solent Folk Festival.

Winchester Morris Men
Sorry, no proper picture yet available. This shows the kit to help in recognising the side.

Winchester Morris Men

New Forest Meddlars
Picture taken at Winchester, 2006.

New Forest Meddlars

Hampshire Garland.
Picture taken at Romsey, 2004.

Hampshire Garland

Alton Morris

Alton Morris. A mixed border side, distinctive red and green colours with faces painted half red and green.

Minden Rose ladies garland side from Alton.
Picture taken from video at Swanage, 2003.

Minden Rose

Hook Eagle Morris.
Picture taken at Winchester Folk festival 2006.

Hook Eagle Morris

Fleet Morris

Fleet Morris.
Picture taken at the start of the procession, Swanage Festival 2006.

Basingclog Morris.
Picture taken at Dartmoor Folk festival 2005.

Basingclog Morris

Mayflower Morris

Mayflower Morris from the Hampshire-Surrey border seen here at Swanage 2004.

Wight Bells. Picture taken at Swanage Festival, 2006.

Wight Bells

Knockhundred Shuttle

Knockhundred Shuttle, North West style morris from Midhurst, Sussex.
Picture taken at Wimborne Festival.

Knots of May, Ladies Garland side Lewes, Sussex.
Picture taken at Swanage Festival.

Knots of May

Chiltern Hundreds

Chiltern Hundreds from Watford. Powerful wild morris music with lots of percussion.
Three video clips added in 2010.
Click thumbnail of band to see their page and links to videos.

Chiltern Hundreds web site


O.B.J. A large side with powerful music.
From Watford area.

Wicket Brood, from Spooner in Herts. This is their band, seen here at Swanage 2004.

Wicket Brood

video clip

Video clips available at

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