Dartmoor Folk Festival

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Festival arena

Dancing in the festival arena

Taken in the late afternoon on Saturday.

The band are on the famous cart which is distinctive of Dartmoor Festival and appears on their logo. The craft tent is in the background.

Polkaworks in the Saturday night ceili

Polkaworks in the Saturday night ceili in 2010.

Video of this performance now available! See below.
The video also shows caller Baz Parkes in action.

Some traders in the main arena

Some traders tents in the main arena

Sidmouth Steppers morris band

Sidmouth Steppers morris band.

Sidmouth Steppers morris dancers.

Sidmouth Steppers morris dancers

The King's Arms

The King's Arms, venue for many sessions and with camping available.

The main street of South Zeal.

The main street of South Zeal


video clip

A video clip taken at Dartmoor Folk Festival is available at
Needs broadband and flash player.

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